Monday, November 19, 2012

the season is the reason

I am a very relaxed person to the point of being lazy.  Being a pagan is perfect for me.  The seasons change and I dust and put out decorations to honor the time of year. 

I try to change things up every month but there's something about winter that makes me want to hold on to all the beauty, glitter, greenery, and lights.  I don't know, is it that primal fear that the sun won't come back that makes me want to hang stars and lights around my home from the first of November until the forsythia blooms in February?

Or maybe it is my inner child that just can't get enough of the anticipation of 'the perfect gift' that makes me leave my trees up way into January?

I love the music, foods (especially the sweets), warm drinks, and the laughter of family and friends that make this season special.  And it makes me smile to think that everyone, whether they admit it or not, is following a pagan calendar whose origin goes back so far that the human heart just accepts that this is right.




  1. Well said Sam. It's a deep rooted desire to light our surroundings at this time of year. The festival of light leading all the way up to Yule. I keep candles burning most of my waking hours, for the warming glow and to honour the gods and goddesses. Are you planning anything for the winter solstice?

  2. One year I left my Christmas tree up until June. But just because I was so busy at work, I didn't have time to deal with it!

  3. Hei :)

    ich habe dir einen Blog-Award verliehen, weil ich deinen Blog echt schön finde :)Weiter so!


    LG ♥