Friday, October 25, 2013

change and hope

A little more than two months and Darrin and I will be retired. I've spent the last several months bringing up little things - and taking down a few things. Most of the Christian symbols I have put away. My decorating has gone to pictures of nature, a couple of quilted wall hangings, and (this was big for me) my broom collection is on display. Notice I said most of the Christian symbols are gone, not all. I'm trying to balance out both sets of beliefs and still (ever so gently) trying to explain to Darrin how much I love him, how much my beliefs have changed, and how much I love him. Know what I mean?

I am happy (and amazed) to report that he may have actually heard, understood, and accepted what I've told him.

A couple of Saturdays ago we got up early to walk to our friends' house - we had been invited for breakfast and since they live less than a mile, we decided it was a perfect opportunity for a little exercise. I was still getting dressed when I heard Darrin talking to someone at the front door. When I came into the living room no one was there. Turns out the Jehovah Witnesses were out in the neighbor and when they stopped by Darrin simply told them no thanks. He said he thought about making them wait to let me talk with them (with all the bible studying I've done in my life I'm quite good at taking folks on, verse by verse). Then he looked at me and said, "Next time someone comes to the door I'm going to tell them Let me get my wife. She's a witch."

I hugged him and said, "You do that."

Either the spirit of Halloween is making him more playful or maybe he's starting to see the light.

Life is good.

Then again, maybe it's that broom collection.



Friday, October 11, 2013

my rock

I get my best work done following the light of the moon. Maybe it's just an old habit or maybe there is some ancient wisdom at work that guides me to:  'Plant' with the waxing crescent, nurture until the full moon, rejoice with the full moon ('dance by the light of the moon'), relax and take inventory as the moon begins to wane, and (this is important)dump/throw out/ get rid of stuff (energy, negative thoughts, things I no longer want or need, trash, etc.) from the waning crescent until the new moon, finally - to rest with the new moon. 

This schedule became clear to me after I stopped having a period.  I guess without a monthly cycle to guide me, I was left to my own devises and at some point a couple of years back I realized I still lived 'by the moon.'

If I'm ever uptight or worried I try to calm myself by going out to check the moon. There's just something about taking a few minutes to acknowledge this heavenly body that calms me and helps me focus. I don't worship the moon. I enjoy it. I love the mystery and wonder attached to it. It is my rock.

Are you a 'moonie?'