Wednesday, November 14, 2012

take note

I love my pagan path because I am creating my life. My worship, my way. When I discover something that works I accept that it may only work for me and I feel no need to convert my neighbor or the masses.  

"Each new wave rearranges the patterns in the sand...
so we may pretend our footsteps are the first...."

I guess I enjoy thinking that I have discovered something wonderful and new.  Like when you walk on the beach and yours are the only foot prints.

At the same time, I will share (especially when asked - and if the time is right) and I love to read other blogs and hear stories of how others live their lives.  Too bad there's not a DIYWitch channel somewhere - or is there?

Over the last few months I've discovered I am a one notebook person.  I run a more efficient home, things get done (shopping lists, wish lists, everyday stuff, and witchy ideas), and I am just more relaxed if I keep my trusty, beat-up notebook close at hand.  Also, my spells have a better outcome if I plan and follow that plan (still not always what I'm hoping for - but sometimes that little surprise is part of the fun).  I just seem to have a better life when I keep all my "working" thoughts in one spot. 

When a 'spell comes together' and I accept the outcome, I make notes and then transfer all this information into my Book (sorry, folks, but "Books of Shadows" isn't me and neither is "Grimoire").  

For every day living and dreaming I keep my notebook handy. When I got my iPhone I thought that would be the perfect note keeper - but no.  I'm old fashioned enough to love paper, not to mention, if the mood strikes, I can always burn a piece of paper.  

How do you keep up with your life?  Are there any new discoveries  making you smile this week?

~ Sam



  1. I, for one, am an extreme list maker. I always have something handy to write on. I am glad your "beat up notebook" is just the ticket for all your words, work and thoughts.
    I'm afraid the last couple of weeks have been too chaotic with "brother stuff"...little time for much of anything personal.
    But I am loving reading about how your Path is growing!!!

  2. Some things just work better on paper! I carry a daytimer with me everywhere to keep track of my schedule -- an electronic version is no good for me! I love the tactile feel of the book, put sticky notes in it, clippings etc. and handwrite all my appointments.

  3. I agree, a Book is the only way to go and it's up to you what you call it. Also, as you say, you are able to burn spells. I'm loving watching you stroll that path. You seem a lot more serious about your belief than me. I will be coming to you for advice in the not too distant future. We can always have an online coven :-)