Wednesday, September 24, 2014

house cleaning

Autumn Equinox arrived Monday evening along with the waning moon and I was in overdrive to clean and throw out. For years I have seen all kinds of Spring cleaning ideas but in Spring I'm ready to break free and be outside - no time for house cleaning. In Autumn I am ready to be a homebody, to feather (and dust!) my nest ... I even cleaned windows and mopped!

Pumpkins (the fake ones for now, I'll wait and buy real ones in October) are dotted across my front porch and my marigolds have stayed pretty for me to have a bit of orange in the backyard.

My Monday evening ceremony was simple and easy (just like me). I got the idea for my celebration from Anni at This Witch's Way. Her calm, peaceful Mabon video comforted me and introduced a new way to celebrate this time of year. I made my own ritual to fit my life (doesn't everyone?). It is good to learn, and try, new things.



Monday, September 15, 2014

the most wonderful time of the year

My favorite time of year has arrived. After weeks of travel, working in my sewing room (haven't sewn a thing - but oh, the peace!), reading, gardening (just a bit, way too hot for me to enjoy it) - at last! It feels like autumn is at the door. Cooler days and nights, the rustle of leaves, the early twilight.

Harvest Moon - September 2014

Have you noticed more and more witches?  This is the time of year to be witchy or pagany or both.  (Why is it strong women are so feared?)

I feel young again (truly a remarkable time of year)!