Tuesday, November 6, 2012

living the life

When I look around and see how things have fallen into place in my life, I am amazed and feel blessed.  When we purchased our house, almost a decade ago, I wasn't thinking "This place is so pagan!"  I was just looking for a place that made me feel at home. 

This house did that.  It faces north (I always like a north facing house) with a large oak tree in the front yard.  The air conditioning unit is on the east side, the fireplace along the south wall, and the kitchen sink is, of course, on the west wall.

I look around me today and see the elements in their proper order.  Hidden in plain sight.  I'm the only one here who even thinks about it.  I would love to have someone come into my home and make this observation. 

Candle on left represents female, candle on the right reminds me of
male, on the tray I have blossoms, an acorn, and stones, in the cups
- air and fire, the pitcher holds water, and in the bowl - salt. 

I keep my altar set up in the kitchen and no one has ever said "O look!  An altar."  I would love that.  I have hints all over the place, still no one even winks at me. 

I have had people tell me how comfortable they are in our home.  I've even had visitors fall asleep in my chair - I'm not offended by this and take it as a sign of peace.  I like to think they are able to let go of their troubles and relax.  When this happens, Darrin and I (and sometimes other guests) go into another room and wait for the weary traveler to awaken.   That usually happens within the hour, they may be slightly embarrassed but they are always grateful.  Funny thing - it happened once with a young priest and when he woke up he said "It was like magic, we were watching the basketball game and the next thing I know I'm waking up!"  Then he told us how he had never gone to sleep like that while visiting parishioners and how comforting our home felt to him. 

For those of you living your pagan life "out loud" how is your home a reflection of you?  If you are 'closet bound' what's the most witchy thing on display in your home?

~ Sam



  1. I collect Goddess statues and they are all over the house. Every single room has at least one and often many more! They infuse our home with the energy of the Divine Feminine.

  2. Your home sounds wonderful. You are embracing your craft beautifully. I always have items on display that I have picked up, either in a forest or on a beach. On my table at the moment are 3 hag stones, on a shelf I have a wand made for me by my brother, there are candles and incense everywhere. I always smudge every home I live in. It's funny you say people fall asleep in your home, it happens here to my visitors also. I agree, its such a compliment that they feel that comfortable.
    Enjoy your week.
    Much Love
    Enjoy yo

  3. Hey Sam,
    I see your new to blogging, I wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving comments.
    I've been reading and catching up with whats happening in your circle. I can identify with many of your observations. I officially began my journey on the Path, March 11th, 2010.
    I have always collected rocks, seeds, feathers, shells etc. when ever I take walks ,so having those things setting about hasn't peaked anyone's curiosity. I have a large stone that I place my "finds" a long with a candle. This I have setting in my living room.
    However in my studio I have a marble tile that I place candles, an incense burner, representatives of the elements etc. I have also created two soft sculptures of the Goddess and of the Greenman. They sit on either side of my altar.
    The little cauldron ,asthame and my wand only come out when I am alone and doing rituals.
    I have noticed that when people come into my studio they are drawn to the area where my altar sets. I have watched them do it and I don't think that they are aware that they are.
    I know that when I walk into my studio there is a feeling of peace and goodness.
    I too have wondered that things things are in plain view and no one seems the wiser.
    Hubby has become aware of my thoughts and beliefs in the last two years. Since we both have come from religious back grounds I have done some explaining about word meanings and beliefs. He seems accepting of the whole idea.
    Sorry to have run on so.
    I enjoy reading your blog and I'll be checking in with you often.