Thursday, December 27, 2012

wish craft

Did you get what you wanted for Christmas?  I did. Unfortunately, Darrin thinks I did it. That's right.  He seems to believe I made it snow. 

A few weeks ago we were visiting with neighbors and the discussing our holiday plans when the light hearted query was made, "What do you really, truly want for Christmas?" I said, without thinking, "A white Christmas." Everyone laughed (we normally do not have snow at Christmas) and then I heard something like "you must want more than that." I professed guilt at not saying "I want the UN to declare killing in the name of god - any god - illegal." But I had blurted out the first thing that popped into my head:
"I would love snow on Christmas day."

We got snow, several inches. All day Tuesday, and for a few hours this morning, Darrin would look out of a window and sigh and then looked at me, as if I had done it on purpose.  (He did not grow up with snow and does not care for it - something I did not learn until after we were married.)

Here's where I come clean with you.  I only wished for snow.  A simple sentence, spoken out loud.  No candles were harmed in the making of this beautiful day.  No herbs, potions, or crystals used nor poems spoken.  I didn't even dance naked under the moon.  I just honestly answered a question.

So, what do you think - 'coincidence' or 'magic?'
Do you keep track of how many times your wishes come true? 



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  1. I loved this post and envied you your snow when I read it... last night we got our own snow at last- so I made sure I wrote about it. In case anyone else needs snow too!