Saturday, February 2, 2013

in search of

I have been searching for my lost god or goddess.  Sadly, I have not found a deity.  My life was easier when I believed as everyone around me.  Christmas came and went - I went to church with my family and friends -I went through the motions, I kept my thoughts to myself.  The reason I keep my thoughts to myself is because I'm not sure what I think.  Must one believe in a god or goddess to be happy? 

My quest has brought me to study Imbolc.  A simple little holiday to remind me (or is it to give me courage?) that winter is half way over.  I like this celebration.  It seems full of hope and makes more sense than watching a groundhog - what is that all about?

So around my house on this day you will find new, white candles in every room.   I plan to light them and wander through the house blessing each room.  What?  I can't speak a blessing over my home because I have no deity to do the actual blessing?  Well, dear reader, this is where I have to let you in on a secret.  At this point in my life I believe that we are the source of love and blessings.  So today and every day, I wish you and yours happiness and peace.

~ Sam



  1. Hi Sam,
    I will let you in on a secret too. I feel exactly the same! I too have no name to call upon, no focus for my thought. Just a general feeling that some power surrounds me that I call upon which I believe is within myself. Blessings to you and yours sweet one. blessed Imbolc.

  2. Hey, the Buddhists don't have a deity either and they do just fine. (The Buddha is an enlightened being, not a god). Imbolc blessings to you!

  3. You have to be true to yourself, Sam, and keep the Path that resonates with you. You have found a personal and meaningful way to gather your blessings. Bravo!

  4. I am completely in line with your current philosophy. I don't have a deity to call upon either and am not bothered in the least by it!

  5. I wish for your beautiful candle light to lead you to a peaceful place to wait for your deity.

  6. Hello Sam,
    When I began on the Path I too didn't have a certain God or Goddess that I "connected" with. So I just tapped into Spirit/Divine Energy.
    After reading Ann Moura's book Green Witchcraft in which she states the concept of One being All is matched to All being One, a Divine energy that consists of a separate but united Male half and a Female half I had a better understanding of pantheism and animism. She also writes that when one studies the Gods and Goddesses, you will feel drawn to certain ones. I have found that to be very true.
    So if tapping into Spirit works for you and others that's perfectly okay.
    Many blessings to you and yours Sam.

  7. I began my path when I was 15, which was some 17 years or so ago. I'll let you in on a not so secret secret.. I just found my patron God last year - Cernunnos.

    So even though you haven't found the deities that are right for you, its OK. Just keep it in general terms. Either say Lord and Lady or just "the creator". I love that you say we are the source of the blessings, because it does come from us as well as deity.

    Blessed Be,