Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I am enjoying the dark time of the year.  Under this week's waning moon I seek to make changes, and in my home I have a few extra candles warming up the place. 

I'm not trying to get rid of all my problems. For example, I'm not one of those people who seeks to lose ALL my excess weight (it is the extra pounds that make me curvy). And I truly believe that my problems are part of the lessons I'm here to learn in this life.

If for some reason you are sorrowful right now, please take some time for yourself and give up some of the burden you carry.  I'm not saying you have to have zero problems to enjoy your life, but the weight of the world is not meant to be carried by anyone.  Take a few minutes and make time to light a candle and ask the universe for a little relief.  Then take steps to make the changes YOU need. Go ahead, give yourself permission not to make the holidays perfect.  Or accept the fact that you can not buy each and everyone of your family and friends the perfect gift. 

I see the dark time as a time to rest - just like the land is resting outside under the heavy frost.  I try to celebrate the seasons by following the rhythm of the land - and see winter as the time for taking it easy.   I sometimes think that I'm doing too much when I knock myself out to 'do' Yuletide / Christmas celebrating, bringing on unnecessary problems and extra work.  Then I remember, the plants are dead outside, we are alive and celebrating, humans were made to party.  If I start to feel overwhelmed, I stop and try to find balance.  To trade off some of the manufactured craziness for true peace on earth (well, at least peace and quiet in my little world).

Our neighbors (a superstitious lot) have this need to remove all traces of their Christmas celebrations before the first day of the new year. This causes them as much (or more!) grief than getting ready for the holidays - rushing around as if they would be cursed if all signs of a good time were not put away.  Not me, at this house we celebrate winter without guilt until we have to dust the ornaments - or until the next turning of the wheel.

Whiskey and candle light - enjoying a warm drink on a cold night.

Hidden in plain sight moment:  We both look forward to those peaceful pauses just to enjoy the decorations and the extra light here in our home.  And, after the holiday rush, Darrin loves to sit by the lit tree and the fireplace almost as much as I do. I think he likes breaking the tradition his family had of having to get all of Christmas put away just after they had celebrated.  Me, I like holding on to the winter, celebrating the season as long as I can. 




  1. Sam,
    What a wonderful guilt-free attitude. No self imposed rituals for you now, just party hearty and enjoy your brief time on this planet without society imposing rules. Enjoy your candlelit whisky my friend. I am going to join you!

  2. We keep our tree up and our yard lights lit until Ukrainian Christmas (Orthodox Christmas) in January. It's always a little sad to take them down even then.

  3. A heart-warming post! I agree totally with not rushing around to make things "perfect"..I don't think there is such a thing.
    On a personal note, I just can't drink straight whiskey! Ugh!

  4. We put the work Christmas tree up two days before the 1st of December and one of the girls in the office went ballistic! Some people are incredibly supersticious about stuff like that.

  5. I start early and put away late..this is my longest family time I get each year and I relish each moment.
    merry merry to you and yours my dear<3

  6. Hello Sam! What an inciteful way of looking at the season. Sometimes I think we forget the meaning and beauty of Yule as people rush around shopping, looking for that perfect gift and stressing over any imperfection. I used to be one of those people but have learned over the years that this should be a time of great joy, to gather with the people we love and just enjoy each other and this time of rest before the New Year. Thank you for this lovely post and Merry Yule dear one!

  7. Admittedly, I am guilty of cleaning my house up on December 31st - it's a tradition I've continued with for many years. I guess I enjoy starting the year off with a clean slate - or at least the illusion...! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I appreciate your more relaxed attitude towards the celebrations.