Friday, August 30, 2013

believe what you will

O Summertime, how lovely you are!  Over abundance of flowers, fruit, and veggies in the garden - life at it's best... until a crazy sister in law at a family reunion cornered me and wondered why I never respond to her 'Praise the Lord' Facebook posts.  I honestly told her I just don't have time to respond to all my FB friends and their daily (hourly) status updates.  But her posts are special and she knows that the goodness of the lord will come down on me and my family if I will just start LIKING and SHARING her posts.  I told her that I didn't think that was the way it works.  My eyes glazed over as she lectured me on her beliefs...

Her beliefs - they work for her.  Wonderful.  Go for it. 

At some point I saw Darrin rolling his eyes - SIL's form of Christianity is scary as hell and even Darrin starts to doubt when this woman starts to preach.  She launched into a if you don't stand with me monologue that worried me because she has the fear of witches.  "Lord Jesus there are witches..."  I couldn't help but think that 'they' were closer than she realized.  While I didn't keep my mouth shut to save my life, I did keep my mouth shut to save the reunion and the rest of my family from her prejudices and preaching.

I'm back home now, safe for now, wondering how long I will keep silent.  At what point do I step forward and just explain myself.  I follow a natural path, my beliefs are my own and I chose not to believe in your god(s).  I still love you - please notice I've been good to you for years, not for a reward in heaven or because I fear hell, just because we are all creatures on this planet at this time.

Days growing shorter but this seems to be the hottest part of summer,
 only a few daisy blooms this late in the season.
I like how the buds look like fairies in the evening light.

All of us should be following what we believe.  I can't see life being any better than being free to believe and live as we want to, except maybe being able to tell anyone who asks "This is what I believe" and know that they will accept me and love me just as I am.

~ Sam



  1. Oh Sammy,
    I'm so sorry that you had to deal with that.
    I was reading your post while taking a sip of my evening drink and almost spewed it from my nose. Not sure how gin and 7up would work as a nasal douche.
    Anyway, my advice for what is worth would be to hold back on telling her your beliefs, not for her sake but for yours. You don't need to be dealing with her negative vibes.
    The Goddess save us from these kind of do-gooders!!
    My thoughts are with you.

  2. Hello my friend,
    For some mysterious reason SSLD dropped off my blogroll and it occurred to me today to re-install it. I'm so glad I did as I wouldn't want to miss this. It is a difficult one but I've come to the conclusion that it should be illegal to spout ones religious beliefs. It can be so divisive and inflammatory. Responsible for wars, murder in the name of God. It makes me sick. There was a TV programme here last year "Religion is the root of all evil". There is a lot to be said about that statement. You did the right thing. Imagine the aftermath if you had spoken out. Just know how you feel within yourself, how you have found happiness since you have resolved your beliefs. It's just for you and your chosen Gods.
    Much Love dear friend.

  3. And, as Debra said, can you imagine her face. It's almost worth telling her to see it no?