Thursday, July 24, 2014

summer light

I'm loving the heat, might as well, it will be hot here for at least six more weeks and true autumn won't show up at my door until the last week or so of October.  Trouble is I've noticed that the days are getting shorter and I want a little Happy Halloween right this minute.

Think. Think. Think.

So I take one horrible bird feeder - the woman I bought it from warned me (that's why she was selling it, 25 cents for a bird feeder that wouldn't let the seeds out for the birds!). 

I washed it and let it dry in the sun.  Then I waited until 7 pm to add a "candle" with a 5 hour timer.  So every night at 7 my little light glows and then shuts itself off at midnight. 

I've decided it's a fairy light.  Or maybe it's an outdoor night light.  Or maybe it's just what I need until I can carve a pumpkin and place it by my front door.



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