Wednesday, June 12, 2013

totem toad

I have a list of wishes that I have brought to the attention of the universe over the course of this past year, and recently I got an answer to one of my desires.

I have no animal in my life to look after and love. I would prefer an indoor pet, but an outside pet would be much more practical for my situation (Darrin is highly allergic to animal dander). Here I was hoping that the Universe would throw me a cool totem - a Maine Coon Cat - my first choice. A beautiful owl would be a close second.  

Lighting a candle, planning my day, I acknowledged this desire and silently waited for the perfect totem to come to me. 

The sign I've been waiting for?

This little fellow just popped up at my house a couple of weeks ago and shows no sign of leaving. I got an old clay pot and put in my shade garden for his home and now seems like it might be time to name the little creature.   

I checked the meaning of toads with a few of my books and decided "If the shoe fits - keep the toad." It seems very content to stay here in my garden.

What's new with you?




  1. I used to have a toad living on my porch. His name was Frank. He was an excellent listener.

  2. I like him, call him Clive!
    You have been chosen :-)