Sunday, March 10, 2013


Not much time to blog these days, I'm weeding my garden and that keeps me very busy.  Darrin comes home some days and looks around the house, his morning coffee cup still on the kitchen counter and the mail unopened beside it.  "What did you do today?" he will ask me.  I'm usually covered in sweat and dirt (yes, you can sweat when it's cold outside - you just don't notice it until you come in and take your jacket off).  I'll tell him I've been working in the garden.  He usually gives me one of his puzzled looks.  How could I be so happy? 

I love working in the garden. Maybe it's because gardening comes so easy for me or maybe it's easy because I love it.  I'm totally organic here and every year I try to include a few more plants.  I see my garden someday bursting at the seams with beautiful plants everywhere and, maybe, just a small path of grass - not there yet, so I continue to collect plants.  I love learning the old names for plants, sometimes they seem more fitting than the garden shop names.

forsythia also known as yellow bells

I recently bought the book Garden Witchery by Ellen Dugan. It's full of cute garden projects sprinkled with witchy ideas.  I'm now looking for other books on this subject. Do you have (and use!) a favorite garden witch book? 

I can't help but look at the earth, especially this happy spot I call my own, and think how wonderful life is.  The earth providing us with so much - I can see why it is called Mother Earth.  That reminds me of the name Father Time - got to run, I have to get busy now and 'spring' my clocks ahead one hour.




  1. I love gardening, it just doesn't love me. I've tried to grow herbs in my kitchen and without fail they always die. Sorry I'm no help on your garden witch book quest.

    For Ostara we'll be planting seeds in an empty egg shell. I found this trick online last week. Hopefully they'll sprout well and then we'll plant them outside. I'm thinking maybe sunflowers or something. We'll see.

  2. I'm not much of a gardener but My Rare One is. We can't really do much gardening here in northern Canada until May though.